The Front Yard Flower Co. is a small farming company in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, BC. We are Rose, Josh and little Fin and welcome to our urban flower farm! Everyone contributes their own unique gifts to TFYFCo. from researching the best flower seeds to building projects to washing buckets.


I live in my childhood home, that was built by my parents and we moved into when I was one year old. My family never moved and still lives in this house today. Eight years ago, my husband and then baby moved back to Vancouver from northern BC where I began my gardening journey at the Northern Roots Community Garden in Smithers. I planted vegetables like potatoes, radishes, spinach, lettuce and broccoli, relishing in the fresh bounty grown and harvested by my own hands. Back in the city, I followed in my father’s footsteps of backyard gardening. He always maintained our small but productive vegetable plot and I remember eating fresh cucumbers and tomatoes as a child, still warm from the summer sun. He passed on the gardening to me as he was getting older. Several years ago, we removed our chafer-beetle ravaged front lawn to make space for more.

The idea of an urban flower farm came in the early spring days of March 2017 after considering other potential growing avenues for local markets. I have always loved and admired flowers from early on. My Grandmother’s backyard (she lived next door to us) was full of dahlias and my Dad loved to grow perfumed sweet peas that scaled up trellises in our backyard. Even as I became a wedding photographer, I was always drawn to the delicate colours and textures in wedding bouquets and loved photographing them. I would often find myself dreaming of flowers and it occurred to me that it might be possible to combine this love with an intensive model of small-scale farming right here in the city. There wasn’t much time to plan for the 2017 season since spring was right around the corner so I approached the endeavor more as a pilot project, to see what blooms were possible. That summer, I grew many varieties of flowers from zinnias to snapdragons and was also able to sell to a local florist whose focus was supporting locally produced product.

It’s always a thrill to witness the tiniest seed grow into a tall spike of frilly blooms or a lovely colourful ball shaped flower. I hope that my journey will perhaps inspire others to stop and consider the seasonal beauty that is around them and to expand their local purchases to include flowers, too.


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