It’s hard to farm as an urban dweller. Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world and it can be challenging to find suitable land close to urban markets. The Front Yard Flower Co. began with a concept, to use front and back yards in the community to grow flowers with a small footprint. In our first year in 2017, flowers were grown on just shy of 1,000 sq ft and production expanded to 1/8th of an acre in 2018.


The base operations are at my home in East Van, which is where I grow, process, and store the blooms. There isn’t a lot of space but with some creativity, we have managed to fit a great deal on our lot. I have several other households in my community that I have partnered with and grow at.

In late 2018, I leased 3/4 of an acre in Richmond, a seven minute drive from the base operations in Vancouver. I will

be putting this space to good use for 2019, growing more for a variety of different outlets.

The Front Yard Flower Co. is not a certified organic farm but strongly believes in following organic agriculture methods. That means no chemical pesticides and no additions of chemical fertilizers. The soil is fed compost from local producers, the plants are given regular feedings of compost tea and fish emulsion, and natural methods are sought for controlling pests. I collect leaves and grass clippings in the fall from my community and aged manures from local farms. We are also exploring no-till methods of farming using cover cropping, which eliminates tilling that can disrupt the soil structure. I don’t have greenhouses except for a few low hoop houses I use to shelter small plants from inclement weather and for season extension so all of my flowers are truly “field” grown. The flowers are cut by hand and delivered to you as fresh as can be.


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