TUESDAY, APRIL 21st, 2020

I just wanted to write a little update on what is going on over here at TFYFCo. It has been really surreal being at the farm with nature carrying on the way it always does while we continue to socially isolate ourselves from our family and friends. The daffodils have bloomed and gone, the tulips are halfway through their spectacular spring show. April has been dry and delightful. We are well on our way deep into spring.

Regarding Farmer's Markets for May, I have received word that flowers will still not be a part of it so I will be continuing on with other avenues for getting those blooms out there. The Vancouver Farmer's Market has worked really hard with its partners to remain open as a vital point of access to fresh, local food so that means that things like flowers and craft won't be a part of it for a little while. The market looks really different these days to comply with COVID regulations but it's still open! You can still visit your weekend markets but the shopping format has changed. You can check things out on the VFM website.

The May bouquet subscription is still open and will be starting the week of May 4th. You can pick two options 1) pick up at the South Van farm base or 2) free delivery in Vancouver only. Please see FLOWER SUBSCRIPTIONS under SHOP for more details.

I have a plethora of tulips in the cooler! I will be doing Vancouver only deliveries Monday to Tuesday and Friday to Sunday from 5-7 pm. Please see the ONLINE STORE for more details.

There will be flowers for Mother's Day! I am still working out the details for that and will release info when I am able.

June and into summer is still up in the air with the markets but I am still forging ahead as planned. It's hard to plan a business around uncertainty but I am doing my best to keep my head above the water. I thank everyone so much who has already invested into the flower farm this spring, it really means a lot. It keeps the cooler on and helps buy more seed and bulbs for next year!




Wow. What a weird, emotional roller coaster ride the past few weeks have been. I am sure that you are feeling a whole range of things as am I. I have been meaning to hop on here and give an update on the business end but it's been hard to wrap my head around things as there are constant daily, if not hourly changes. It has been stressful, as a small farm to say the least but I felt like it was time to finally sit down and try to create a bit of a plan for the coming weeks.

Currently, I am still operating the farm. My farm locations are safe spaces with just myself and my family on board and we have been working hard to try to continue with seasonal prep work. We have been fixing up the greenhouse, prepping beds, planting perennials and seeding. Lots of seeding. But soon, some of those flower seeds might be turning into vegetables.

At the moment, I am not participating in any Vancouver farmer's markets, however this will be updated on a weekly basis as needed. The market staff are working so hard right now to make sure that fresh food is available to those in the community that want it. I have moved my flower sales online to the time being which you can find here. The online store will be updated with fresh items as they are available. It's still early days but the tulips are just a week away from the first harvest. This is all new territory for me - delivery is time consuming while I'm also trying to be a farmer so please bear with me as I navigate this.

I have also opened up the spring flower subscription for additional members. During the month of April (and perhaps beyond), the subscription will be delivered to you at my cost. There may not be any pick up locations during the virus as line-ups for some establishments can be long and it's not fair if you are just picking up a bouquet. Delivery also ensures that sanitation is more controlled as hands are cleaned with wipes and/or hand sanitizer in between each delivery.

I am still working on trying to get bouquets into select grocery stores. If you are a small grocer that might be interested in adding flowers to your shop, please let me know. I would love to work with you!

Just as I take all the necessary health precautions with my own family, I take the same very seriously with my business. All of the flowers are cut with gloves, I wash my hands regularly, the buckets are washed with soap and water, any surfaces I use are disinfected regularly and any deliveries will be kept at a safe distance.

I will be making regular updates here as things change. I'd like to say some hopeful words like, "A few weeks down the road, this will get better," but I just don't know. I do know it will get better at some point, I just don't know when. It's hard running a farm and a business while keeping a family afloat so I really appreciate your interest and investment during this challenging time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you all so much.



Vancouver, BC


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