How long will the bouquet last?

That will depend on what is in the bouquet and the after care it gets. Some flowers like ball dahlias can last up to a week whereas dinner plate dahlias can have a vase life of 3-4 days. Some flowers like statice will keep for a very long time due to its everlasting 

qualities. Your bouquet will have a variety of items in it that will last for varying amounts of time, but typically you can expect about a week from your flowers.

How do I care for the flowers once I bring them home?

1. Prepare a very clean vase with cool tap water. Add any flower food to the vase if you have it and mix well.

2. Trim 1" off the bottoms of the stems with a sharp pair of snips or a knife.

3. Place the bouquet in the vase, away from direct sunlight. A cool room is bonus points!

4. Replace the water every couple of days. If your vase is opaque, check it often to make sure the water hasn't run out! Many a bouquet has perished because there is nothing left to drink.

5. Once a bloom is spent, just remove it and you can continue enjoying the rest.

I want to give a flower share as a gift. Can I do that?

Yes! We offer gift cards in case you want to give that flower lover in your life a unique and  thoughtful present. For gift card info, go here.

Can I request a specific CSA bouquet?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate specific flower requests. We do make sure to make each bouquet varied with different colour themes, textures and shapes.

I can't handle strongly scented flowers. Can you accommodate this?

Possibly, if we are notified in advance. Please send an email or make a note in the shopping cart regarding scented flowers, however the majority of the blooms are not strongly scented.

I'm going away on vacation. Can I pick up my share at a later date?

If you are going to be away, please have a friend, colleague or family member pick up your flower share. Any shares that are not picked up during the designated time frame will be donated to the host pick up location. We have tried to make a variety of CSA options for those going on holidays but would still like to enjoy a benefits of a flower share.

Can I change my pick up location during the CSA?

You are allowed one location change per share before the season begins. We will be checking in with you prior to the start of the CSA to ensure that everything is in order. You are able to change your pick up location during this time. Once the CSA starts, pick up location changes are not allowed.

When will my CSA begin?

Even though I have given approximate start times, it's hard to know what the season will do. Growing conditions are at the mercy of the weather but you can be sure we are watching carefully and anxiously waiting for those first blooms, too! You will be notified by email about a week before the CSA starts with a few reminders.

Could I have some extra flowers to pick up with my share?

If you need a bouquet for a special birthday or event, we can add an additional one for sure. Please email rose@thefrontyardflowerco.com with any additional requests 3 days in advance so we can have something extra prepared for you.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

You can join the CSA by going here. There are lots of different options!


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