The Front Yard Flower Co. offers Flower Bouquet Subscriptions. This allows customers access to some of the best locally grown, freshest, highest quality flowers around while supporting your local farmers. Customers purchase a subscription prior to the growing season, which enables the farmer to prepare by purchasing seed, soil amendments, tools, and other required items for a successful upcoming season. Once the flowers start to grow and the timing is right, we start to cut and the bouquet subscription season begins. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the growing season begins in early April with tulips and goes into the fall, depending on when the first frosts arrive.

For 2020, we are offering several subscription options spanning the season from delightful spring blooms including tulips, ranunculus and anemones right into the fall with dahlias and other late season flowers. We have several specialty options including a spring version and one for dahlias. We also have the regular subscriptions ranging in different lengths of time to suit a variety of busy summer schedules. Please see what we are offering below for the 2020 bouquet subscription season!


4 Weeks, April or May (4 Bouquets)

Spring flowers are a real favourite around here, especially after a cold and wet Pacific Northwest winter. The daffodils begin around mid to end of March, followed by the tulips, anemones and show-stopping ranunuclus. This 4 week CSA is perfect for those who love spring blooms and are thirsty to start the season with a bit of colour!


8 Weeks, August to September (8 Bouquets)

Dahlias are the queen of the summer! This heat loving flower reigns from late July until the first frosts in November. Each week's dahlia bunch will contain a variety of colours and shapes.


13 Weeks, July to September (13 Bouquets)

This is the full CSA with a full, beautiful bouquet each week of the summer. Each week the colours, textures and shapes will be different highlighting the best in seasonality.


13 Weeks, July to September (7 Bouquets)

The Bi-Weekly CSA runs for 13 weeks with 7 bouquets spanning the season. Bouquet contents are always fresh and seasonal ranging from cosmos to dahlias in the high summer season.


4 Weeks, July/August or September (4 Bouquets)

The Monthly CSA is bursting full of flowers and herbs that love the summer heat. From sunflowers to snapdragons, yarrow and dahlias, each week the bouquets will be varied and cut fresh for you to enjoy. Choose one month of blooms weekly if you won't be around all summer long but still want to enjoy what the season offers.


Each Month, July/August/September (3 Bouquets)

This CSA spans the whole summer with one bouquet the first week of each month for a total of 3 bouquets. Just another option for those who would like to have farm fresh flowers but have a busy summer schedule.


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