One A Month Subscription
  • This subscription offering is for those who still would like to experience farm fresh flowers but have a busy summer travelling or working. You will get one bouquet in the first week of each month for a total of 3 bouquets. The bouquets come wrapped in stamped kraft paper with a raffia tie.


    • One Bouquet the first week of the month, each month of the summer season
    • July, August, September
    • Pick up locations across Vancouver

    One A Month Subscription

    • Your Summer Subscription bouquet can be picked up at any of the following locations:

      1. Wednesdays at:

      • The Soap Dispensary // 3718 Main St. (limited space) // 3-6 pm
      • Sunset Farm Base // 635 E. 54th Ave // 4-7 pm

      2. Sundays at:

      • Mt. Pleasant Market // 10-2 pm

      Please select a pick up location in the check out cart, the pick up location can be changed one time prior to the start of the subscription.

      The beginning date of the subscription will be determined as per weather conditions and you will get a notification when I am getting close to starting. Your pick up location and times will be confirmed prior to the beginning of the season.


    Vancouver, BC


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