The Front Yard Flower Co. will aim to do the following with shareholders:

  • Provide a fresh, high quality bouquet share of varied ingredients ranging from flowers, foliage and herbs by using farming practices like organically amending the soil, non-chemical ways of pest management and harvesting techniques for good lasting vase life.

  • Have the bouquet shares at the agreed upon time and location, wrapped and ready to go.

  • Deal with any issues that arise in a timely and professional manner.

  • Cannot accommodate any special flower requests. We are a small farm with limited space and time so we batch our bouquets according to what is available and fresh that week!

As a Shareholder, you understand:


  • Farming can be a fickle endeavour. Wind or rain storms can flatten or destroy blooms as can pest outbreaks or other inclement weather. We do our best to baby the plants to make sure they grow up strong and healthy but there is the odd occasion where a crop will fail, so the quality of the harvest cannot be guaranteed. Chances are I will likely have something else for replacement or I can provide another locally grown product of the same value and quality.


  • You must pick up your bouquet share at the designated time and place. If you are unable to pick up your bouquet for that week, please have an alternate person like a friend or neighbour gather your items.

  • Any late pick-ups or no shows will not be held. I am not able to store, make other pick up arrangements or provide a credit so please arrive within the designated time frame!

  • Please bring your own vase to carry home your bouquet in. If you forget one, simply cut the stems when you get home and place the bouquet immediately into a vase of fresh, cool water.

  • Once the flowers have been collected from the pick up location, TFYFCo. assumes no responsibility for flowers that wilt or die due to poor handling (ie. left in a hot car, stems not immediately re-cut and hydrated after brought home, etc.)


  • Contact TFYFCo. within 24 hours of any concerns and include photos of any issues.

  • Communication will primarily be through email at


  • There are no refunds once the season has begun.

  • There are no discounts on shares.

  • Things happen in life that are unforeseeable such as a sudden move or a sick family member. If something drastic happens in your life and will interfere with your CSA, please contact me at to discuss.