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Summer is high season for all those heat loving blooms! This is the time of year when all the wonderful summer flowers intersect. Dahlias, sunflowers, snapdragons, cosmos, zinnias and more create lush and beautiful bouquets for you to enjoy in your home. There are several hundred varieties of flowers grown on the farm in the summer and every other week will contain a new seasonal colour or flower to keep things fresh. Bouquets could be mixed items of flowers, foliage, and herbs. Bouquets generally last 5-7 days, some flowers or foliage in the mix may last longer.

This upcoming year, we are changing how the subscription program looks from longer options to much shorter monthly ones. I’ve been thinking about ways to make it easier for those busy summer months when folks are away on holidays or just out enjoying their sunny days. By changing the subscriptions to a monthly option (4 weeks at a time), you can pick one that works for you or still opt in for all three months if you would like a full season of flowers. I realize that a longer flower subscription can be a big time investment with the weekly pick-ups or staying at home during the delivery window so I wanted to change the program so customers could still enjoy having flowers in their home but choose what kind of time investment to put in.


  • 4 weeks each month
  • July, August, or September (or a combination of any)
  • Variety of seasonal flowers and herbs or straight bunches each week, wrapped in white butcher paper
  • Pick up options at South Vancouver location (Fraser and E. 54th Ave) on Tuesdays, Nelson the Seagull in Gastown on Fridays, our new farm location in Steveston on Friday afternoons or Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market on Sundays
  • Delivery in Vancouver option on Tuesdays between 4:30-7:30 (limited spots)

You will be given updates as required when we start getting close to the start of the subscription. Because this item depends on elements out of our control (the weather!) we do our best to stay on schedule but please understand that there could be delays in the start of the subscription. We post as many updates as possible on our Instagram page so this can be a great resource to stay informed on where we are at with things in the growing season.

You will be contacted by email approximately one week prior to the start of your subscription to firm up all the final details. Please read the Subscription Policy to make sure we are all on the same page before checking out in the cart.


Currently there are several pick up options with the possibility of an additional one at the West End Farmer’s Market, however that one won’t be firmed up until early 2022. The first pick up spot is the South Van location (Fraser and E. 54th Ave) on Tuesdays between 5-7 pm. The second pick up option is at the Mt. Pleasant Summer Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 10-2 pm, the third is Nelson the Seagull on Fridays after 9:30 am and the fourth is the new farm location in Steveston off Finn and Gilbert. The farm does not have an official address but you will receive more details on access if you choose this option. These are all free options.


Each monthly subscription will be starting approximately the first week of the month except for September which will begin after Labour Day.


If you choose the Vancouver delivery option, your flowers will be sent to the address given to me on Tuesdays between 4:30 – 7:30 pm. There are limited spots for deliveries in 2022. For those living in a house or townhome, please have a vessel at the front door with a few inches of water in it ready for your flower delivery each week. For those living in a condo or apartment, please make sure there is someone there that will be able to receive the flowers between the delivery window of 4:30-7:30. Flowers are not left outside of the building if you are not home. An alternate time to pick up at the South Van location can be made. I will not be entering any buildings in order to make sure we are efficient with our delivery route so please come to the front entrance to grab your flowers. If you live in a condo/apartment and won’t be home for your delivery that week, please send me a quick email just to let me know.


Giving a flower subscription is a thoughtful and wonderful gift for anyone. But please note that they are a bit of a commitment to pick up each week or being at home within the delivery window.

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